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Mar 1, 2022

Put your pens down everyone and check out the newest podcast episode. I am joined by legendary graphic designer Cory Schmitz, who is best known for his work on logos such as Oculus, Valorant, Ghost of Tsushima, Sable, Control, and Analogue. We talk about his design process, his love for Columbo, what makes a great logo and Risograph. Furthermore, we dig deeper into the Papyrus font in Avatar, changing logos, what makes a great cinema and his love for shooting photos on film.

Time – Topic Discussed:

0:00 - Intro

02:06 - Guest topic: Columbo

06:17 - Guest topic: e-Ink Tablet

09:46  - What does a graphic designer do?

14:00  - Separating projects

18:29 - Emergency note taking

19:17 - Last minute logo

20:55 - Plotter Notebooks

24:47 - Getting excited when logos get revealed

25:38 - Changing logos

26:44 - One-time logo

29:17 - Explaining a logo

37:11  - Commercials

39:46 - Using Papyrus in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

41:51 - The Bleeding Cowboy font

43:09 - Risograph

46:38 - Using film rolls

50:12  - What companies should avoid doing

51:51 - Aspects he wishes people would know more about

53:10 - Making his own video game

54:45 - Designing a Famicase

58:10 - “Visiting” Kojima Productions

59:40 - Working previous jobs

01:02:49 - His favorite cinema

01:05:27 - Designing a logo for a podcast

01:08:48 - Outro


Things mentioned on the show:


Shooting Columbo Book

Super Note by Ratta

Sable Logos

Below Logos

Notebooks by Plotter

Millimeter Milligram Notebooks

Pepsi Logo Change

Pocari Sweat Commercial

Gravity Rush Commercial


Michio Kaku

Sign of the Cancer by Juraj Herz

World Without Sun by Jacques-Yves Cousteau


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Intro/Outro by FreshMcZone

Artwork by Thomas Martin (Instagram: @thomas.martin.martin)